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Features :
1) Waterproof 35mm Camera ( including casing)
2) Focus Free
3) 28mm f/9.0 Picture taking Lens
4) Easy Film Loading System
5) Thumb-Wheel Film Advance System
6) Wrist Strap lncluded
7) Detachable Waterproof Casing
1. 35mm camera with clear plastic waterproof casing
2. Remove camera from out casing by flipping open blue clip in direction of arrow .
3. Remove camera from casing to load 35mm film.
4. Camera operates best up to maximum depth of 10 feet and distance of 4 feet.
5. For underwater use place camera inside waterproof casing .
6. Make sure the rubber seal is free from any dirt or debris in order to form waterproof sea around the camera ,Close back cover of waterproof casing .Lock tight with the blue clip.

Camera Description
(Please follow the instructions correctly used, otherwise invalid or ineffective, refer to the following color pictures)
1. A good film shown after installation, the direction of the arrow toggle Film round, remember to arrows prevail, or easy to damage the camera, until the allocation of fixed date.
2. Through the viewfinder framing, shooting objects to the finder, press the shutter button, a film is completed.
3. To toggle Film round, for the next shot, when counting the window appears "E / O" means that this camera when the film finished shooting.
4. To camera film back into the dark tube flush out cross-finishing shop.
5. This camera best for shooting outdoors in sunlight.
6. this camera can be 3-4 meters in the deepest dive underwater camera, underwater film degree to use high ISO, such as the 400 film.
Products through the ISO9001 international quality system certification

**It's reusablefor lifetime!

**It works with normal films that you can easily get it from any photography shops!!!

**It does not need batteries!!

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