About us

Here i'm selling various thing that people always needed such as shirt, jerseys, hijab, also fancy thing like glasses and waterproof camera. For all vintage lovers, this is the right place for you to choose and get yours with interesting high quality products, and affordable price. And for those who love wearing jerseys, this blog also provide high quality jersey. We also provide beautiful, colourful and gorgeous hijab for women who like to be beautiful and attractive in appearance.

Firdaus Territory's World is an organisation which carried out bussiness that based on men and women needed. Futhermore, our product can obviously fullfill customer satisfaction with our new and trendy products.

Firdaus Territory's World was established in 24th April 2012 that started operating in Sintok, Kedah. The idea of this establishment triggered by Mohd Firdaus Bin Mohamad and one of his friend, Rahimi as his partner in this organisation.

The objective for the establishment of this Firdaus Territory's World is to make every people to be more confident in their appearance according to the latest new and trendy style.

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